How to move HTTP to HTTPS on WordPress

by Ajay Singh, Dec 23, 2019 No comments

It looks like we can’t get away with SSL anymore. It’s fucking required everywhere thanks to fucking Google who now dictate what we should use and what we shouldn’t.

SSL ain’t so cheap, it’s fucking too much for individual and even for small businesses. And if you are a person like me who owns thousands of domains then you are in deep shit.

Anyways let’s cut the chase and figure out how we can move existing WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS.

Step 1: Install SSL

Install SSL on your domain by following the instructions required.

Step 2: Change site address from http:// to https:// in Admin

Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard and go to Settings -> General

Change http to https as shown in screenshot below and save.

WordPress Settings http:// to https://
WordPress Settings http:// to https://

Step 3: Add entry into .htaccess file to redirect http to https

Add following lines in .htaccess file

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

This is very important as you need to make sure that you have only one set of URL for your site. If you don’t make this change then you will end up with duplicate URLs which is bad for SEO and not to mention that visitors can still access https:// urls.

Step 4: Test it

In any browser type your site address with https and enter.


If your site is accessible and you can see secure padlock before the site address in browser address bar then it’s all working.

HTTPS Padlock in browser address bar

Step 5: Update Sitemap in Google Search Console

If your WordPress site is old then you want to update site’s address in Google Search Console.

Login to Google Search Console and go to Sitemaps, enter sitemap url with https:// and Submit.


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