Advanced Custom Fields “Invalid Value”

by Ajay Singh, Jun 21, 2013 2 Comments

This is a strange error appearing with WordPress ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin. This error occurs only in Chrome browser, it works fine in Firefox browser.

wordpress advanced custom field invalid valueIf you enter a decimal value in Number field and try to save the draft of publish the post this field throws error. The error says “Invalid Value”.

If you remove the decimal part and just use whole number then error doesn’t occur.

The Solution

There is no stable fix available for this error yet. It seems plugin author is working on the fix and it might be released in next update.

Meanwhile use Firefox for editing posts.


2 Responses to “ Advanced Custom Fields “Invalid Value” ”
  1. Melva

    How Weird, I’m also having similar issues.

  2. Simon

    Does anyone know when this problem will be fixed? It’s really pain. I use Chrome as it is faster.

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