Akismet Error Code: 10003

Akismet is one of the most popular and the most essential WordPress plugin without which you can’t possibly run a hosted WordPress blog. Not so far back in the past there used to be a time when you could use same key on over hundreds of blogs without any trouble. It’s not the case any more. Folks at Akismet realized the money making potential of this valuable plugin and decided to cash in. They have now restricted the number of WordPress blog on which you can use same Akismet key.

If you have used Akismet key on many blogs, like me, then there is fair chance that you will see following error

Akismet Error Code: 10003

Howdy! It looks like you have an Akismet Personal subscription, which does not appear to be appropriate for your current usage. In order to continue using Akismet in this way, you will need to upgrade your subscription to one of our Enterprise or High Volume plans. You can click on the link below for further details.

For more information: https://akismet.com/errors/10003

Akismet Error Code 10003
Akismet Error Code 10003

This error indications that it’s time you pay up or loose the free generous services of Akismet protection.

Do you really need to purchase the subscription? Well not so.

The simple solution is to create a new account at Akismet and use the new key which will be good for plenty of more WordPress installation.

Go to Plugins and then click on Settings under Akismet plugin, you will see the following screen with error:

Your subscription is suspended.
Please contact Akismet support for assistance.

Akismet Error Code 10003 Solution


Enter the new Akismet code as shown in above screenshot, Save Changes and refresh the page.

You are all done.

If you still see the error then visit the Akismet setting page again and error will be gone if your key is valid and not overused.


4 responses to “Akismet Error Code: 10003”

  1. I also had similar problem, I thought I did something wrong and they suspended my Akismet account. By the way do you know on how many WordPress installation I can use same Akismet key?

    1. Ajay Singh Avatar
      Ajay Singh

      No idea mate, I never bothered to find out on how many WordPress installations you can use the same key. Who cares it anyway, just create another account and move on.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Akismet is owned by Automattic, the creator of WordPress. This is really a disgusting move by Automattic. First they let you use Akismet key for as many blogs as you wish and then they suspend the your account and force you to pay.

    1. Ajay Singh Avatar
      Ajay Singh

      As the saying goes, there is no such thing as free lunch. Get over it!

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